Video Production

We specialize in high quality video production across a range of different formats. We are there for you every step of the way from conception and scripting to final approval and delivery. Everything we produce is shot in brilliant full HD (via HD-SDI on an Atmos Samurai to be specific) in our own studio or on location. Not only do we shoot all over the upstate and southeast, but we have been known to travel to Hawaii, Texas, New York, and Florida for our clients.

Video for Web

Short form video on the web is one of the best ways to entertain, educate, and inform your audience online. That coupled with how easy it is for your own customers to share your video with their friends makes a winning combination.

Film Production

This past year, we’ve branched into the realm of filmmaking with the Kickstarter-funded, independent feature film Redemption of the Commons. We assisted with many aspects of pre-production such as locations, hiring crew, casting, scheduling etc. We also handled the actual production this past spring. Principal photography ended in late June and we are currently in post production. We are currently exploring more options in filmmaking and are open to new projects!


Producing training videos is a growing business for us, but we can take it one step further by building an online training platform that uses the video and tests to train your employees. Using a dynamic website with video will pay for itself over time.

TV Spots

Need a local or even national commercial? We’ve got you covered from low-budget projects that show locally to high-end productions that demand a higher budget.

The Typical Production Process

Click here to learn more about our typical production process for most of our projects.